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Pet Services

Blue Quail VIP Pet Services

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What We Do

At Blue Quail VIP Pet Services, we give your pet the celebrity treatment. Take a look at our all-inclusive services and contact us to request a quote.


Dog Grooming

Keep your precious, furry companion looking his or her best with our dog grooming services. We make sure your canine looks dapper from head to toe. You can rest assured that we wash all dogs with paraben-free, soap free, tearless products. We shampoo them twice, then use pet-friendly conditioner afterwards. During the grooming process, we: We recommend 4 to 8 weeks.

  • Hand Dry Them
  • Nails/glands/ears/teeth
  • Puppy cuts our specialty
  • 1 hour service for most dogs
  • Bows or Bandanas
  • Curbside service

Day Care

Provide your canine with a fun and satisfying jaunt away from home with our doggy day care. Rates depend on how long they will stay with us: full day 25, half day 15 or 5 per hour. Let us know in advance when you will be dropping by to leave your pet in our day care as there are only limited slots per day.

Pet Boarding 

We offer in shop boarding for 35.00 per day per dog and in our private home for 45.00 per day per pet includes all holidays. special pick up and drop off times. We have a fenced in yard, huge play room, all dogs at our home must be dog friendly and a non barker. Handicapped or geriatric dogs welcome.


All dogs being boarded must have utd shots and be non aggressive. Temperment test may be required.