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Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Pet Is in Good Hands

Give that special animal in your family the exceptional treatment and special attention he or she deserves. Blue Quail VIP Pet Services is your trusted partner in taking care of your pets. We provide dog grooming, pet boarding,, and pet loving to clients in and around Prescott, Arizona.

Our focus is on small dog breeds, specifically weighing 20 lbs. and under. Because we only accept a limited number of canines per day, we are able to give each one the VIP treatment in our day care. We provide a reliable, clean, and safe space to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy. Get in touch with us to learn more information.

About Our Company

Blue Quail VIP Pet Services is a family-run business. It’s very important that our clients trust us with their pet. After all, they are part of your family. Connect with us on Facebook to see the silly pictures we love to take and UTD available appointments. 

Our current home consists of five Toy/Teacup poodles (Frodo, Miso Cute, Cream Puff, chili pepper, Peaches and Kiwi Marie), a rescue kitten (Smoochie) from Yavapai Humane Society,a devon rex kitten Frenchie and new Pomeranians for showing Figgy Newton and Miss Yum Yumm a Pooh bear.

Message From Our Owner

Hello, my name is Mary Hermes. I am the proud owner of Blue Quail VIP Pet Services. My passion for animals started at a very young age when I used to play with our family collie, Laddie. I was only four years old, but my mom told me our collie saved my life when I fell into the pool. I believe my deep connection with animals began after that.

My mom raised Scottish terriers for a few years in California. Then, we moved to South Chicago for the next 15 years. My mom got into Maltese and gave me one for a Christmas present. I trained Sir Frederick to his CD title in obedience during our 4H classes. Our leader showed rough collies. Seeing all those trophies and ribbons on her wall, I got bitten by the show bug. I knew, then, that someday I would be doing that.

My first summer job was bathing Afghan hounds at a famous show kennel where I learned a lot. Those dogs were groomed to perfection and beauty.

After college, I moved to Fort Myers, Florida. I got my first Saluki to show and an Italian Greyhound.My mentors were Josie Mitchell of Giovanni IG,s, Arlene Czech of Coquina Papillons and Mary Lou LaValley (LaMar poodles). I showed and bred Caloosa Papillons for 25 years, Now I breed Caloosa toy/tiny Poodles as a hobby.At age 20 I saw an ad in the paper for a dog bather, so I applied for a job at Phyllis Poodle Boutique... Phyllis (my mentor and second mom) took me under her wing and taught me everything about grooming dogs. I worked with her for eight years.

In 1990, I bought Phyllis Poodle Boutique, dropped the name Phyllis, and expanded twice to a very nice, busy, clean, quiet business. I sold my business after 27 years to my groomer Jazare Alvarez who shows and breeds standard poodles.Many of my old clients still get in touch with me through Facebook and a few have stayed at my home here in Inscription Canyon, Prescott, Arizona. 

Aside from the animals that were already mentioned, I also have owned/showed/bred Arabians and mini horses, devon rex cats and soon russian blues.. As I have more than 30 years of experience as a master groomer and dog exhibitor, I know what it takes to give your beloved pet the devoted care and responsible supervision he or she is entitled to. My past and current hobbies include:

  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Beading Crafts
  • Homemade Dog Bows and Barrettes
  • Dog Shows
  • Staying Updated on Everything Dog


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